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LuAnn Olen is a retired social worker, past CDCS lead for Ramsey County, past PACER advocate.  She has written many articles and a book (A Shield for my Heart; Soothing prayers for stress).  She has a daughter with developmental and medical challenges and family members with mental health challenges.  She loves finding resources for people.

LuAnn Olen

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Faiza Ali

My Name is Amy Ginter I like working with and for people has always been my passion and have been fortunate to work in the human services profession for over 30 years.  I specialize in working to support those who live with intellectual disabilities and mental health.  In addition to being a support planner, I am a social worker and MnChoice Assessor.  I have a BAS degree in psychology.  I have two young adult children who are my world.  I love music, reading, sports and to travel.

Amy Ginter


I am Brenda Danielson, Support Planner with Accessible Support Planning since 2021. My experience in the field includes case management in waivers and  mental health, mnchoices assessor, and managing foster's homes.  I enjoy assisting others with navigating supports that are available to them.   I have 2 children with my husband 22 years and we live in Northern Minnesota.  I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, and kayaking in my free time. 

Brenda Daniels

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Amy is a certified support planner with over 30 years’ experience providing direct care and employment support to individuals with a broad range of abilities. Amy also has 20 years of accounting and management experience working for her family’s contracting business, and 10 years’ experience writing support plans. 
Amy graduated from Bethany Lutheran College with an Associate of Arts degree and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in secondary social studies education with an emphasis in psychology from Hamline University. Amy is also a certified Equine Assisted Learning facilitator. She is active at her place of worship where she regularly teaches youth and women’s groups and advocates for mental health education and inclusion. Amy has been involved in mentoring ministry such as Stephens, Uplifters and Crusillo, in addition to community groups such as parent to parent support network.
Amy has received recognition by her local Kiwanis group (Key Award) and the MN 4-H Horse Association for outstanding volunteer efforts (Friends of 4-H Award).
Amy grew up in a family that fostered children, which gives her a personal perspective for caring for individuals and understanding their needs. Amy brings the perspective of a parent, provider, volunteer, adoptive parent, educator, business owner, 4-H leader and step-parent to the table in all that she does. She and her husband have six adult children together.

Amy Zylstra

My name is Shaula Halberg, I have had a passion to work with people of varying needs as long as I can remember. I am a helper and caregiver at heart. I bring this to both the work I do and the relationships I build! Formally, I have worked in Health & Human Services in various positions since 2010. My professional experience includes Corporate Residential direct care, Adult Rehabilitation Mental Health Service (ARMHS) provider, Rule 79 Targeted Mental Health Case Management, Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI)/Rule 185 waiver case manager, and MnChoice reassessment. I hold a B.A. in Human Services and an M.A. in Forensic Mental Health from Concordia University. Informally, I have two decades of experience in childhood/early adulthood Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, and childhood mental health conditions, and my eldest nephew a part of the Down Syndrome community. I am currently learning American Sign Language (ASL) as I work with more individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing in my personal and professional life. I enjoy keeping up with technological advancement impact on quality of life for all abilities. In my free time I am a community volunteer at our local community center and fundraising for various community organizations; active in the budgeting and education changes of the school district; and I am volunteer soccer coach with our local football club. I love spending time with husband, two daughters, and extended family members. I also enjoy sports photography, gardening, and keeping up on current events.

Shaula Halberg

Team : Testimonials
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